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This information was last updated on February 1, 2013 prior to the CCHRSC’s dissolution. For more information, please see the message from the Board

Our projects produced research and developed strategies and tools to meet the needs of the child care workforce and achieve related goals. Click on the titles of our projects for more information.

Classification does not expire provided staff submit proof of continuing professional development.

Staff are required to submit proof of completion of thirty hours of professional development to enhance skills and knowledge specific to early childhood care and education in every three year period following the date their Classification was issued.

Aimee Clark: Child Care Advocate, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Aimee Clark has been involved in child care for almost 30 years without ever being paid. That’s because most of her work has been as a child care advocate.

Thank you to everyone who completed the You Bet We Still Care! survey. The survey is now closed. The project results and reports will be available on our website Winter 2013. For more information on the project visit the Current Projects section of our website. 

Carlton Trail Regional College, Humboldt
ECE Programs:
Early Childhood Education Certificate – Level 2 – 1 year
Prerequisite: High School Diploma
Early Childhood Education Orientation
Prerequisite: High School Diploma

The HR Toolkit Index provides a listing and links to all of the ECEC-specific tools and templates, that are found throughout the toolkit. If you have additional tools that you would like to see included in the CCHRSC’s toolkit, please contact the CCHRSC.