Out-of-country ECE qualifications - Alberta


The Child Care Staff Certification Office conducts assessments of out of country post-secondary qualifications.  Applicants must submit notarized English translation of official transcripts as needed.  A college-level English or French course is required for certification as a Child Development Worker or Child Development Supervisor.  Post-secondary credentials from an institution recognized in its home country may be recognized for assessment towards certification. See the Educational Equivalencies Chart for details.

Applicants may be referred or choose to have their educational qualifications assessed by the International Qualification Assessment Service  (IQAS) to determine equivalency of their educational program when it does not match the Child Care Staff Certification Office Educational Equivalencies Chart.  Assessments completed by IQAS are recognized by the by the Child Care Staff Certification Office.

Applicants may also contact one of Alberta's public colleges and request an assessment of their post-secondary coursework to identify gaps in training to determine what additional ECE courses are required to obtain equivalency to an ECE certificate or diploma.