Projects & Publications

HR Toolkit: Supporting Employers in the ECEC Sector (2012)

This project ran from November 2010 to May 2012. The project focused on:

  • Identifying areas where tools should be developed to improve the human resource management practices of ECEC employers.
  • Developing an electronic HR Toolkit for the ECEC sector that could be used by employers to improve their HR management skills.
  • Increasing awareness of good human resource management practices and promoting the use of the Toolkit within the ECEC sector.

This project led to the creation of the online HR Toolkit for the ECEC Sector



Downloading, copying, and distributing CCHRSC resources

Despite the dissolution of the CCHRSC it is hoped that the CCHRSC`s research and tools will continue to be widely used to advance human resources issues in the sector. In turn, all organizations and individuals conducting research and/or offering ECE training, professional development, and other workforce development initiatives are authorized to download, copy, and distribute CCHRSC documents as needed, provided no fees are charged to end users and provided appropriate acknowledgements are made. Organizations and individuals are not authorized to download, copy, and distribute CCHRSC materials for profit. Any person or organization requiring clarification or consent to the use of such material should contact the <CCHRSC Trust> 

November 2010 to May 2012