Requirements to work in regulated group child care - Ontario

One staff person per group of children is required to have a two-year diploma in Early Childhood Education from an approved Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (OCAAT) or the equivalent. Centre supervisors must have the same education and have at least two years experience. There are no educational requirements for other staff to work in a child care centre in Ontario. 

The College of Early Childhood Educators, established in Ontario in 2007, is a professional self-regulatory organization for Early Childhood Educators. The college regulates the practice of early childhood education, establishes and maintains qualifications for membership and issues certificates of registration.  It also has responsibility to enforce professional and ethical standards, investigate complaints against members and deal with issues of discipline. 

All individuals using the term "Early Childhood Educator" or "Registered Early Childhood Educator", or who have an ECE diploma or equivalent and are working as a supervisor, staff or resource teacher in a child care centre within the scope of practice as defined in the Early Childhood Educators Act are required to join the College and, effective February 14, 2009, must have applied to the College for registration.  See membership requirements

There is one general certificate of registration for the title of :

  • Registered Early Childhood Educator or
  • Éducatrice de la petite enfance inscrit(e)