Diversity at Work

The ECEC sector pays a great deal of attention to ensuring inclusion of children and families, as well as bias-free programming. We should also be seeking inclusivity and valuing diversity in our staff.

While most people value the concept of diversity, what does this mean in practical terms? What does an inclusive work environment look like? How do we tangibly encourage and support diversity so that all people feel welcome within our workplaces? Building and sustaining diversity happens not by chance, but by design. As Canada becomes an increasingly diverse country, it is more and more important to address how to support diverse, inclusive workplaces.

When people feel welcome and safe from harassment and discrimination they are more motivated to perform. Absenteeism and performance problems decrease while productivity, morale and employee retention increase.

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Thank you to the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector for sharing the content of their extensive HR Toolkit. This was a tremendous resource upon which the CCHRSC's ECEC-specific toolkit was built.