Child Care Workplaces that Work

Child care organizations are complex. Early childhood educators form collaborative partnerships with children’s families that honour their role as the child’s primary caregiver, respect their parenting practices, and provide meaningful opportunities for families to determine their children’s early learning and care experiences. ECEs adapt their programs to the needs of diverse families, respecting each family’s composition, language and culture. They help connect families with needed resources, furthering the child’s healthy development and learning.[1]

Child care centres that work well typically have low staff turnover. Low staff turnover contributes to stable and consistent relationships. Low job satisfaction is associated with higher staff turnover. To increase job satisfaction we need to decrease staff turnover. 

In this Section:

[1] Extract from CCHRSC`s Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators.


Thank you to the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector for sharing the content of their extensive HR Toolkit. This was a tremendous resource upon which the CCHRSC's ECEC-specific toolkit was built.